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live deep.

for those
who want to 





In a world often 
filled with
conformity, and  

follow the
calling to
'live deep'


and The WILD.

Lone Hawk Ministry, LLC


A Guide To  

 (Four Ways)

work with DERON


Schedule a call

to dialogue about

questions relating to

pursuing your calling.



 Join in speaking engagements,

 podcasts, and 

 learning ventures.



Embrace your calling to  

impact the world. 

The calling is a journey.

I want to invite you on a journey—to live deep, guided by Wonder, Wisdom, and the Wild. My path has been one of following a calling, and where following a calling takes preparation, learning, and time, so too with mine. After completing my Master of Divinity, and serving in full-time ministry as an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church, I felt a further calling to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophical theology which I completed at the University of Edinburgh with my dissertation, "Philosophy as a Religious Experience in Plato.” It is actually that entire experience which became the steppingstone into the vast work where interconnecting and interrelating philosophy and spirituality began. My calling continues to lead me beyond traditional beliefs and ministry, guiding me to create Lone Hawk Ministry, LLC. This endeavor is a manifestation of a long-held mission to awaken others to the beauty and depth of life. All that is offered through this work is infused with the conviction that philosophical and spiritual thought are deeply interwoven, and the aspiration to ‘live deep’ is founded on the profound ideas of Wonder, Wisdom, and the Wild. Lone Hawk Ministry and this website symbolizes a desire and commitment to sharing insights that inspire, inform, and transform you to follow your own calling, to enable you to make a lasting difference in the world, and to live a life aligned with your deepest truths. As we look to the future together, my aspiration for Lone Hawk Ministry is to be a source of awakening through Wonder, to offer insights of Wisdom that are immediately applicable to your life, and to foster a sense of reverence and compassion for Nature and the Wild. This journey is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about transforming our lives and the world around us. I invite you to join me in this endeavor. Whether through taking a course, engaging with the ideas shared through the various platforms, or simply exploring what it means to live deep, your journey is beginning. Together, we can discover the Wonder that surrounds us, apply Wisdom in ways that truly matter, and nurture a heartfelt connection with the Wild. Thank you for considering this path – I look forward to walking with you.

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