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Why Wonder, Wisdom, and the Wild?

When I considered the mission for this site, three empowering concepts emerged: Wonder, Wisdom, and the Wild. Now, more than ever, these ideas resonate in many who desire inspiration, knowledge, and transformation. Wonder is where our journey begins, for the sense of Wonder is the spark deep within our souls and minds that ignites our passion for life itself. It's innate - a primal force that fuels our curiosity and makes the world and universe around us captivating. Wonder is a dynamic yearning that guides us toward the deepest sense of knowing, and a pull toward the beautiful, extraordinary, and untamed that surrounds us. As Socrates said it, “Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom.” Arising from Wonder, Wisdom could be defined as deep knowledge that is born from our thinking, feeling, experiencing, etc. However one might define it, Wisdom is the ongoing force that is prized by the greatest of us. Wisdom is yearned for because it keeps the world vibrant, and is the catalyst for our profoundest sense of understanding that guides our lives to realize what we should believe, know, feel, and do. The place where Wonder and Wisdom is marvelously seen is the Wild - the untamed, the free – that sacred spirit and force that is who we are in our essence; found in the holy places where all those who are wild abide. That wild spirit all of these share, that is even deep within us, is the very life force itself. These three awesome forces must be treasured in our lives and world, even safeguarded, to protect all that is holy and sacred still left within us. As we are together here on this website, these three tenets—wonder, wisdom, and the wild—are our guiding stars. I invite you to pause and honor the sense of Wonder, love for Wisdom, and the pull of the Wild within you today. Let it guide your thoughts, let it sharpen your actions, and let it be the path you travel in all of your journeys yet ahead. There is a world of inspiration, knowledge, and transformation waiting for us. Thank you for sharing in this journey to live deep.


I've been contemplating the concept of grounding, of being fully present in the moment and deeply connected to my life and all its facets—not just people but my entire world. This mindfulness renders me truly present. As a man, I find myself pondering profoundly the nature of my existence, questioning whether I am striving for excellence or merely letting precious moments slip by. The potency of living in the moment and endowing our lives with significance is a thought that, once entertained, is incredibly powerful. There are four pivotal questions I believe empower and enable us to live more fully, more richly, and in greater harmony with self-knowledge. These questions are not just reflective; they are transformative, guiding us to embrace each moment with heightened awareness. These are the questions one must confront to anchor oneself in the present, to live a life of significance. The first one is, "What do you believe in?" Reflect on this question, internalize it. It concerns ultimate reality, doesn't it? A transcendent faith in something beyond, something that defines the essence of our existence. In philosophical terms, it's the study of metaphysics—what is ultimately real. This ultimate reality, whether you perceive it as the divine, nature, love, justice, or the great mystery, demands contemplation and conviction. It's about wrestling with the notion of what is fundamentally true to you, questioning why you hold these beliefs, and understanding how they shape your existence. The second question is equally compelling: "What do I know?" This question delves into the realm of truth, navigating through a world inundated with screens and conflicting voices dictating what to believe or dismiss as falsehood. It's about harnessing the intellect to discern and navigate through the sea of information, empowering oneself through knowledge. The third question, as potent as its predecessors, is "What do you feel?" This inquiry addresses the passions that stir within, the emotions that grip your heart and demand attention. It's an exploration of beauty as defined by your experiences, prompting introspection about the things that move you deeply and why. Lastly, the fourth question, arguably the most crucial, directly pertains to life itself: "What do you do?" or more precisely, "How should you live?" Philosophically speaking, this question relates to ethics, just as feelings relate to aesthetics, knowledge to epistemology, and beliefs to metaphysics. It's about the choices we make, the actions we take, and the impact we have on our world. It's a profound realization that our actions, words, and very presence can influence the world around us for better or worse. For me, these questions are not just inquiries; they are the compass that guides me through life's moments, allowing me to approach my relationships and actions with thoughtful consideration. They prompt a necessary slowing down in this era of instantaneous communication—a moment to reflect on our life's broader narrative, our purpose, and the legacy we wish to create. It's about embracing beauty, truth, goodness, and courage, and allowing the spirit of life to instill us with a sense of wonder. By pondering these four questions, you and I find ourselves navigating life and relationships with renewed direction. Of course, our answers to these questions will, and should, change over time. Everything alive is moving and changing in one way or another, and to stay till is to stagnate. If we could come back to these in a decade, we should have moved – maybe not away, so to speak, but live more deeply, certainly, where our responses mean much more. The supreme importance and necessity for our lives lies in engaging with these profound questions, allowing them to steer us toward what truly matters and revealing thoughts with which we may even surprise ourselves with our own profundity as we stand in the beautiful abyss of this moment.


Follow a vision for yourself is to have something within you that will not leave you alone or let you rest until you do it. That is the key that is a calling. It is more than simply a vocation or something you like to do even a passion, the passion can even run into giving you a sense of purpose, but a calling is much deeper. It is what you sacrifice on two maybe the great difference is that a passion or a purpose gives you something whether it be fulfillment or even guidance in your life but the difference is that with a purpose and a passion. It is something that, you don’t sacrifice for calling could be called that what you give your life to and maybe that is purpose or passion but a purpose is not necessarily a calling, but a calling will give you purpose because it grip you deeply. It won’t leave you alone until you do it. It carries a message with it. It carries something that somebody else needs that the world needs to hear and you will transform other lives through and buy your calling or what pulls you And what you sacrifice for in fact, an overall purpose might be called a calling, but the calling will be waiting on you to respond to it and won’t simply be something in the background lying and waiting for you to pick it up again because of calling does not wait on you you wait on the callingthere’s a switching up. Also, what gives you a meaning and a purpose? Yes, but a calling is something that is from the divine you serve, higher power you serve something larger and you sacrifice to it that might be the only difference it is subtle but it is profound in the end.

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