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For Lovers: Wisdom in the Enigma of Love


Dive into the heart and mind of love with "Wisdom in the Enigma of Love," an online course led by Deron Newman, Ph.D. This transformative journey explores love's complexities through the insights of great minds, from the ancients to contemporary thinkers. Unravel love's philosophical and emotional landscapes to guide your thoughts and passions. Why choose this course? Love shapes our existence, yet its true understanding often escapes us. "Wisdom in the Enigma of Passionate Love" invites you to engage with love's complexity, understand its philosophical roots, and reflect on its impact on life and the world. Discover love's layers with Dr. Newman, enriching and challenging your perceptions. Course objectives include defining love as a personal guiding light, dialoguing with influential thinkers, and applying philosophical insights to life. Engage with engaging readings, creative assignments, and discussions, exploring love's sweetness and bitterness, its challenges, and ideals. Why join? Transform your understanding of love and passion, connect with a global community exploring love's depths, and benefit from Dr. Newman's expertise. This course isn't just an educational journey; it's an expedition to the core of human experience, inviting you to question, reflect, and grow. Embark on this journey to unlock the mysteries of love and passion, enhancing your personal insights and relationships. Join "Wisdom in the Enigma of Love" and transform how you perceive love forever.



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