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For Seekers: "Ancient Wisdom Awakened"


Join Dr. Deron Newman on a journey into the heart and mind of Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, where wisdom, passion, and purpose meet. This engaging course, “Ancient Wisdom Awakened” is a transformative adventure through the minds of ancient philosophy’s greatest thinkers who make a direct impact on life today. We dive deep into the ideas that have shaped the quest for knowledge and learn how to apply these timeless insights to navigate today's world with clarity and depth. What You'll Experience in the course: Dynamic Engagement: Interact with the profound thoughts of philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Marcus Aurelius. Reflect on their teachings and engage in meaningful dialogue about their impact on our lives today. Living Philosophy: “Ancient Wisdom Awakened” goes beyond learning about wisdom to living as a lover of wisdom. The course is a call to weave ancient insights into the fabric of your daily life, offering a compass for belief, knowledge, emotions, as well as ethical living and purposeful existence. Join us in this intellectual expedition to unlock the insights of ancient wisdom and discover how it can illuminate our path in the contemporary world. Your journey towards a deeper understanding and a fuller life starts here.



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